Psychological support for expats and digital nomads

I am Elena Darmenko, Cross-Cultural Psychologist&Adaptation Strategist from Russia and I help other internationals adjust to the new country, relationship changes, individual past, present and future challenges.

My educational background includes a completed degree in Psychology from the State Academic University of Humanitarian Sciences and post-graduate degree in Professional Adaptation of Staff of International Organizations from the Diplomatic Academy of MFA of Russia. I currently hold memberships in the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) and Families in Global Transitions (FIGT).

The globalization gave us the unique opportunity to not just travel and visit different places during vacations, but also find the suitable job in any country, or even become a digital nomad travelling round the Globe with a laptop. That can become a fantastic experience, but also a great challenge as despite the globalization, the cultures and traditions are still very different, and this global village is not as global as it seemed.

Living in the other country brings a whole lot of new challenges in your social, personal and family life, an overwhelming loneliness and homesickness can become an almost-constant companion.

Remember, you're not alone. And if you feel like you are or can't find a way out, you reached the right place.


Working Together For the Life You Want

First and the most important – here you will find a safe and empathic environment. The main principle I use is the importance of the power that comes from within. By assisting you to recognize and utilize your personal strengths and understand your limitations, you can grow into a happy, healthy individual. So, second – we will work together to the better and brighter future.
From my experience I know that people benefit most from therapy that is tailored to their personality, beliefs and needs. Together we can identify the most fitting approach for you from a variety of techniques.
I offer a safe and supportive environment in counseling. I believe that everyone has the hope of living a healthy life full of authenticity, harmony and connection. You can expect to find a calm, open-minded companion in me during counseling or therapy sessions. My approach to counseling is rooted in the belief that this is a sacred space for you to share your experiences. You will feel cared about, respected and empowered to make changes within yourself and with others.

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I’m experienced in working with those who:

  • Wish to decrease their stress level and/or depression.
  • Wish to develop & replenish their coping resources.
  • Desire understanding and healing of anxiety, depression or anger experienced in relationships.
  • Are managing stress-related illnesses.
  • Life Transitions and aging.

I also work with individuals, who are looking to improve their quality of life and reach their goals:

  • Stress and Time-management.
  • Improving relationships.
  • Personal Development and Self-Understanding.
  • Family-of-Origin difficulties, migration and moving, multi-ethnical family issues.
  • Premarital counseling.
  • Divorce and separation issues.


Therapy sessions designed by a woman for women

Common topics

  • Identity
  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Career
  • Psychological Injuries at Workplace
  • Sexual Harrasment


Online Therapy Sessions

Teletherapy with an experienced psychologist can help with isolation, stress, and anxiety in response to our current uncertain times. Due to the spread of coronavirus, our lives have deeply changed, and things will no doubt continue to shift.
As we move through this - the social distancing, isolation, sheltering in place, self-quarantine, and shutdowns might be part of our lives for unclear duration.
As a psychologist, I'm deeply aware that we can best maintain optimism, emotional well-being, a sense of purpose and meaning, and even the strength of our immune system through connection and community, giving and receiving, and communicating meaningfully with others.
We're all together in facing these troubles, but we're all also isolated, stressed, and anxious in ways that we've never experienced before.
As we're all moving through this, I'm meeting my clients virtually, using Zoom. You can use your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. This allows you to have a connection and full support from a psychologist when needed.
If you have any questions concerning the online therapy or any concerns about its effectiveness, please let me know and we'll discuss it.

Ready to see if I'm the best psychologist for you?

Why People Choose to Work With Me
One of the strongest predictors of successful outcomes in psychotherapy is the amount of experience the therapist has. I've been practicing psychology since 2002.
Highest Level of Cross-Cultural Communication Skills
Being an expat psychologist and life coach, I know it well that clients coming from different cultural environments need different kinds of therapy techniques. I'm an acting member of the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) and experienced in cross-cultural competence and Families in Global Transitions (FIGT).
I'm authentic and empathic
My commitment to you is to be as clear and authentic as possible. I'll help you to push yourself, by being compassionate. Combining my experience as a cross-cultural psychologist together with the best that psychotherapy has to offer and what we learn together about you — to know when to tread gently, and when and how to help you dig in — kind of like a good personal trainer.
I'm an enthusiastic and active collaborator
I'll work with you, as a team, in a collaboration that's safe, supportive, and challenging. In my experience, it's the best path toward growing and meeting life's complexity, with knowledge and a plan — as well as creativity and resilience.
I'm sure that improving mental well-being is much more effective than "decreasing" pathology
I focus on helping people create and experience changes in their lives, like: emotional evolution, better relationships with yourself and with others, healthy and useful self-understanding, greater life satisfaction, etc.

I love what I do
I have a passionate commitment to helping people create fuller and more mindful lives. I bring my diverse and well-grounded personal and educational experiences as a psychologist to my practice. Being an active nomad and visited more than 50 countries, supporting and helping people, I know how the conbination of my training, credentials, and expertise as well as my personal empathy can help people to creat a real change in their lives.

Contact Me:

Skype: darmenko.elena
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